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 Grand Tavern

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The Owner
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PostSubject: Grand Tavern   Grand Tavern EmptyTue Sep 05, 2017 2:19 pm

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Grand Tavern QHPRawY
"A place where Allies can be Recruited.. Or bought."

Grand Tavern BOwiaMD

Welcome to the Grand Tavern! A Place where you can find anyone from a Shipwright to fix up your ship to a few sailors to help you on the path of the sea, Or maybe you are looking for a few folks skilled in combat? Whatever you may be looking for- It can be found here in the Grand Tavern. There are a few things you can do here..


The first and most common thing is Recruiting a crew! You see.. When you have a ship you also need a certain amount of crew members in order to sail it properly, So sometimes you need to recruit average sailors in order to move up in the world- You would go to the "Crew recruitment" Shop in order to get yourself more hands on deck.

~Crew Upgrade~

The Second thing you are able to do is get a Crew Upgrade. A Crew Upgrade takes those inexperienced sailors and trains them up to be of better use on the high sea! Depending on the type of crew you choose will determine how well you and your crew do when faced with Challenges at sea and in port.

~Special NPC~

The Third thing is Recruiting Special NPC. These NPC are similar to your Companions or Pets and have a certain amount of stats and skills that will help you out there in the world. However, These NPC will not level up and all the skills/Proficiencies they have are Pre made and cannot be changed. You are only allowed a MAX of 5 of these Special NPC- But you have to have the right Tier ship to recruit that many. T1 ships are allowed 1 Special NPC, T2 Ships are allowed 2.. Ect. all the way to T5 Ships. Special NPC are completely pre-made and like all the other NPC and Companions- They can die at any time.

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Grand Tavern
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