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 Travel Dice, East Blue!

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Travel Dice, East Blue! Empty
PostSubject: Travel Dice, East Blue!   Travel Dice, East Blue! EmptySun Oct 01, 2017 4:07 am

Travel Dice, East Blue! NCZy7Dz

Travel Dice, East Blue! U8tqu46

When traveling island to island you will need to make a Traveling Thread in the designated Sea you are traveling on or traveling to. At the beginning of the Traveling thread you will roll two dice in that specific area. For example: You are in the North Blue, So you would roll TWO Blue Sea Dice. Now, Depending on what you roll on those dice will determine if your travels will be smooth and easy or if you will have to complete an at sea challenge in order to get to your next destination. You could come across countless things on your travels- From Sea Kings to Merchant Ships. Once you roll the dice you will refer to this Thread for better details on what that Specific Dice roll means.

When out to sea there is plenty you are able to do, from repairing the ship when you roll 'Calm Sea' to fishing for food for the journey ahead. However, when you are faced with a challenge and complete that challenge you are granted a rewards Dice of that challenge's specific tier.

The Blues:


[b]Participants:[/b] [List of all those participating out of your crew members with this challenge]
[b]Destination:[/b] [Your Destination and where you are coming from]
[b]Ship Link:[/b] [Link to your Ship]
[b]Navigator:[/b] [List if you have a Navigator and their Navigation Proficiency Tier]

Travel Dice, East Blue! 1zGFi6F
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Travel Dice, East Blue!
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