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 Go Get a Pirate!

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Anton Lacroix

Anton Lacroix

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PostSubject: Go Get a Pirate!   Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:57 pm


Anton let out a pitiful groan for the umpteenth time, since he had been sent out from the naval base. His sternum still hurt, bandaged up despite the wound he received having healed enough that it was no longer threatening. It was a reminder of his dismal attempt at guard duty. In fact, it was that same failure that got him sent out here. His superior believed that if Anton was to be a proper marine, he needed some more experience facing the criminal elements of the world. Because of this, his commander had sent Anton out to "bring in a pirate".

Bring in a pirate. The man had said it so casually, like Anton was being sent down to get some milk from the store or something. Anton wasn't sure if the commander appreciated just what the poor, nervous man had to go through. Loguetown was no stranger to pirates. After all, they passed through here on the way to the Grand Line. That meant not only did pirates come through here, but highly skilled pirates as well. And Anton was being asked to not only find one, but to capture one without any help.

Who knows. Maybe failing this assignment will finally convince them to let me out of the marines.

He shook his head. No, that wouldn't work. They'd let him get killed first before discharging him. It really was a hopeless situation. He would have to find a pirate and capture them. Maybe he'll get lucky and come across a weakling, somebody he can beat. Though that seemed very unlikely. I mean, who could be weaker than the man who barely survived basic training, let alone passed it?

As he was focused on his misery, he felt someone bump into him. "Watch it," a deep voice grumbled as a large man walked past. "S-Sorry," Anton murmured, glancing back at the large, rotund man as he walked in. And really needed to watch where he was going sometimes. As he turned back, his eyes caught notice of something. A wanted poster, for a pirate called "Butcher" Klemin." The picture seemed to show a large man with messy brown hair and a beard.

Anton paused. A large man? He spun around, looking back to see the large man walking away. From the back Anton could see messy, brown hair. Anton looked over at the poster. The man had a bounty of 25,000,000 beli! Was that really him? What should he do? He could pretend he never say him, but how would his superiors react.

"B-Butcher Klemin!"

The large man stopped and very slowly began to turn. That large, piggish face with the beard matched the poster perfectly. This was him! This was Butcher Klemin! The large pirate looked at the thin, nervous young man and gave a smirk. "Yeah?" Anton was trembling in place. With shaking hands, he drew his great sword, holding it out in front of him nervously. "B-By order of the royal marines, a-and the world government, I-I place you under arrest!" To say Anton was scared out of his mind was a gross understatement.
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Anton Lacroix

Anton Lacroix

Berries : 230,000
Posts : 35

PostSubject: Re: Go Get a Pirate!   Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:40 pm

At Anton's declaration, everyone in the street stopped and stared. Many of the civilians backed away when they realized that there was about to be a fight, one of the combatants being a fearsome pirate. The pirate in question stared at Anton, surprised by the smaller man's declaration.

And then burst out laughing. "Ha! That's rich. You actually had me going there for a second." He gave Anton a dismissive wave, "Listen buddy, I don't know what people have told you, but I'm abit of a big deal in these parts." He gave the trembling marine a twisted smirk, "So unless you want to end up on the cutting board, I suggest you move along." And with that, he turned to walk away. Anton stood there, trembling, debating whether to take him up on his offer.  After all, it wasn't as if he could actually beat him in a fight.

Unfortunately for Anton, brutal marine training ran out. "I-I wont! I-I'm taking you in right now!" Klemin paused, looking back over his shoulder. He let out a small sigh as he slowly reached for the weapon on his back. A gigantic meat clever. "Have it your way."

Suddenly, the massive pirate spun around faster than a man that size should, swinging the cleaver. Anton only barely managed to bring up his sword to block it, but the sheer force from the blow sent him flying across the street, slamming him into the wall. The young marine fell to the ground like a rag doll, disoriented from the attack. The young man only managed to regain his senses just in time to see Klemin in front of him, his clever raised above his head.

Anton let out a scream and rolled to the side, just as the clever sliced into the wall behind him. Civilians were now running away in a panic, and Anton was one of them. Klemin laughed at the marine's cowardice. He was having too much fun to let the frightened man get away now. "What's wrong little man?" he laughed as he took off after him, "Why don't you come back and arrest me?"

Anton couldn't believe he thought he could do this! Wait"scratch that. He knew he couldn't do this and went ahead anyway. Now here he was being chased through the streets by a giant monster of a man, swinging a clever around like a maniac. Anton looked over his shoulder to see the large pirate right behind, cackling as he swung his giant weapon. Anton shrieked and narrowly avoided the weapon. Desperate to do something, he swung a fist right into Klemin's stomach.

Which proceeded to do NOTHING to the large man. Klemin stopped and stared as Anton was screaming in his mind. He had a sword. Why didn't he use the sword? Why did he think punching him was a good idea!?

Klemin let out a booming laugh, finding the pitiful attack hilarious. At least it gave Anton a chance to run away screaming, before the large pirate continued the chase.
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Anton Lacroix

Anton Lacroix

Berries : 230,000
Posts : 35

PostSubject: Re: Go Get a Pirate!   Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:56 pm

"Oh Mariiiiine," Klemin sung out, laughing at all the fun he was having. He had chased the frightened Anton all through the town, and had ended up chasing him down to the docks. He had lost sight of the poor man throughout the numerous boxes and barrels, the pirate had a feeling that he was still around. Something was driving the poor man to fight him. "Come on out and play! I promise we'll have plenty of fun before I chop you up to fillets!"

Anton was indeed nearby, curled up behind a crate and trembling. It was all he could do to keep himself from crying in fear. Why did he have to be here? Why did anyone think he could be a marine? Why did his parents think he could live up to the standards his elder brother had set? Now here he was in the worst possible situation. If he ran, he'd probably be shot for deserting his mission. If he stayed, he'd most likely get murdered and possibly eaten by this insane pirate. Either way, Anton was going to die a failure.

Suddenly, a loud scream caused Anton's heart to stop. That sounded like a woman! Indeed most of the civilians had been able to keep a wide birth from the fighting, but one unfortunate woman couldn't get away in time. Klemin noe held the frightened woman tightly, holding that large cleaver of his to her throat. "Well, what are you going to do now Mr. Marine? You're supposed to protect people right? Well, if you don't come on out, this pretty little thing's getting cut up in your place." Tears were falling down the woman's cheeks in terror. "Please help me," she whimpered.

What was Anton going to do now? It was one thing putting his own life on the line, but he couldn't simply let an innocent woman die for his cowardice. But could he even save her? There was no guarantee that Klemin wouldn't kill her after he had dealt with him.

But in the end, it didn't matter did it. Anton was a marine, and there was only one thing Anton could do.

Klemin's sinister smile widened when Anton stepped out from behind cover. "Yes, that's right." he said coldly, "You couldn't simply sit back and let her die could ya?" He tossed the frightened woman aside before he hefted up his clever, "And that's why you idiots are always the first to die!" Klemin charged at him, clever raised high and laughing wickedly. Anton stood there, trembling. He couldn't run. Otherwise he would simply take another hostage and maybe kill them this time.

Anton closed his eyes and dove forward, swinging his sword. He felt it hit something, and heard a loud bellow of pain. Anton dared to open his eyes to see his attack had actually connected. He had sliced a nasty looking gash into the man's sternum, causing him to stumble back. Needless to say, Anton was completely stunned by this. So was Klemin apparently, as he brought a shaky hand to feel the wound, seeing the blood stick to his hand.

The pirate's expression turned to one of pure rage. "DAMN YOU!" Any satisfaction Anton had vanished as he yelped and broke into a run. Well, he didn't have to worry about him taking anymore hostages. The pirate was now completely dedicated to kill Anton and Anton alone.
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Anton Lacroix

Anton Lacroix

Berries : 230,000
Posts : 35

PostSubject: Re: Go Get a Pirate!   Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:49 pm

Anton dashed down the street at top speed, now furled by a new sense of fear. Because now he had an incredibly angry pirate chasing after him. Before he had just been toying with him. Now Butcher Klemin wanted Anton Lacroix dead. Behind him, the aforementioned pirate chased after him with a vengeance. One hand held his cleaver tightly, the other holding the slash across his stomach Anton had given him. The wound wasn't too bad, but the pain did slow him down somewhat. His anger more stemmed from the fact that Anton actually managed to hurt him!

Civilians gave the two a wide birth as they dashed towards the town center. Standing there was the execution​ platform, a rather important fixture in the town. Anton ran up to the platform, winded and leaning on one of the supports to catch his breath. However, he wouldn't get long, before a bellow of fury caught his attention. Klemin charged at him, swinging his cleaver. Anton yelped and ducked, the blade slicing through the support. Anton tried to counter attack, but Klemin's free hand swung at him to knock the blade from his hands. Anton stumbled, giving Klemin time to seize him by the throat and lift him up, slamming him into the damaged support. The wood cracked and splintered from the blow. Klemin was panting heavily. "Let's see you get out of little shit!" He brought back his cleaver when a loud groan caused him to stop.

Both men looked upward. The damage to the support had made the platform unstable. The entire wooden tower was about to fall atop of them. Acting fast, Anton lashed out with a foot, kicking the large man right in hi stomach wound. Klemin yelled out and stumbled back, dropping Anton to clutch his stomach. Anton hit the ground and quickly scrambled to get out of the way. Klemin barely had time to look up as the execution platform crashed down atop of him.


"Butcher Klemin, bount of 25,000,000 beli. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting something like this when we sent you out Lacroix." The commander said, looking over the report that had been written up. Behind them, a number of marines were busy pulling the injured Klemin out from under the fallen platform and chaining him up. "Though next time we'd prefer it without the property damage."

Anton gave a weary nod as another marine approached, accompanied by the woman Klemin had taken hostage. He saluted the commander. "Sir! This young lady says Lacroix saved her from the pirate sir!" The woman nodded and suddenly gave Anton a tight hug. "Thank you so much! It was very brave of you!" Anton blushed brightly from the praise. He had only done what any decent human being would have done.

The commander smiled. "Defeated a pirate AND protected the innocent. Seems you're starting to get into the proper mindset of a marine." Anton gave a small nod. "Erm, sir? Is the assignment complete?" The commander blinked. "Well, the pirate's in custody, so yes. Your assignment's complete." "Good." Then with a pitiful wheeze, Anton collapsed to the floor, his body finally allowing itself to pass out from all the feat and stress. The marines and the young woman simply stared at the unconscious Anton.
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PostSubject: Re: Go Get a Pirate!   

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Go Get a Pirate!
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