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 Prologue Story

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PostSubject: Prologue Story   Prologue Story EmptySat Aug 26, 2017 1:17 pm

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After a long era of War and chaos, A winning side was finally decided. The ones who took the crown made the rules and so the twelve families who had been Victorious in the war wrote the history we all know today. The parts of the truth that were seemingly destroyed lived on by the whispers from one generation to the next but if the winning side ever found out there were traces of that voided history they would quickly erase the person or people from existence in order to keep their History, and Inheritance, true.

Our tale begins 200 years after what we call the Void Century. Folks from all over made a living sailing the sea, selling, and buying goods, as well as ferry transportation. But with all good things comes the bad- Some folks felt the need to gain more than they needed and thus began Piracy on the high seas. Now, Our Era doesn't have many Pirates or Revolutionaries But there is one organization that has its shadow cast all around the world. The organization is called 'The World Government'; It is an alliance of both Royalty and Self proclaimed God ships from around the world. Its what keeps the royal families in power and the Innocent safe from worldly dangers.

But those who were passed on the real history of the Void Century would know that the World Government is really ran by Five elders, and passed that, The heads of each of the Twelve families who puppeteer the world in the shadows. In this world the poor are treated worse than dirt, Trash, and Expendable- While the Royal families are in palaces made of treasures and eat anything they wish. There are many paths to choose from and quite a few ways to walk upon them.. What sort of path will you walk upon? Who will you be in this twisted world? What will you do to change it?

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Prologue Story
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