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 Rob you Dry Part 1

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PostSubject: Rob you Dry Part 1   Rob you Dry Part 1 EmptyFri Oct 20, 2017 5:01 pm

Dancing was not her cup of tea. Nor was it something she saw as a hobby, but yet tonight, she will dance.

It all started yesterday, where she met this guy names Kurai. He's a cook and also really bad at blackjack, but he was a pretty cool guy, at least by Olympia's standards. Perhaps he will become a useful connection in the future, but at the moment he was useful for a different reason.

Recently, Olympia came in contact with an invite to the Landing, the name of the monthly party held by the most notorious crime leader in all of Yukiro: Robert Gatz, though he refuses to let people call him Robert, only going by Mr. Gatz. These invites were a big deal, as Gatz was considered the 5th richest man on the island. There was no way that the great Olympia wasn't showing up to said party, and lucky for her, there were people listed on the invite.

"If anyone asks, you are Dominic Mako, and I am your wife, Bella Mako. Got it?" At the moment, they were walking down a long brick pathway that lead directly into the Gatz Manor. Obviously, Olympia had dragged Kurai here against his will, after convincing him that is was worth it in the first place. She had donned her Sunday best for the occasion, and even decided to doll herself up with some makeup and perfume, causing her to radiate a sweet, candy-like smell. They were surrounded by other couple--seemed to be tonight's theme-- some of them young, some of them old. Most of them were familiar faces as they were famous around the island, other just looked like normal people who knew Robert, most likely through his buisness.

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PostSubject: Re: Rob you Dry Part 1   Rob you Dry Part 1 EmptyFri Oct 20, 2017 6:17 pm

Of all the places Kurai could think of himself being at right now, a....ballroom doesn't even make it to the last of the list. Being in jail is within the top three, even though he believes it's highly unlikely he'll ever find himself in jail....again.

What was going through his mind that day Olympia talked him into doing it was beyond him. This entire journey to the island was a complete mistake to begin with! Taking naps on random fishing boats doesn't seem to be all that of a bright idea after all. Joey would be shaking his head, and snickering at his older "brother" by now, but not only because of his random trip to this island, but in seeing the redhead in a suit. Even back then working at the Gray Castle in Lvneel, Kurai didn't wear nothing fancy like that, but then again he was just a cook there. Not only that, but Joey would've flipped out seeing Kurai with a woman. If Kurai were to so much as to stand next to a woman his brother would instantly pair them together much to the cook's dismay.

"Ahhh...gotcha." Kurai replied as he tugged at his black tie. Pretending to be a husband. Should be fun right? Dancing? Not so much.

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The suit he wore was tidy, and neat, void of any wrinkles. It was as if he got this straight from a shop! Which he did. To most, he looked sharp, classy, wealthy, but to himself, he just wish that the damn tie wasn't trying to choke the life out of him. After enough pulling, he managed to loosen it some while unbuttoning the top of his white dress shirt hidden so snug between his suit. With a sigh of relief, Kurai glanced around, observing his surroundings not so much in a suspicious manner, but more out of curiosity. All of these "suits" as he, and people he knew back on his island would call wealthy people walking around felt But it was probably because he believed he didn't belong. Although Olympia is simply undercover like him, she still pulled it off way better than he ever could. He found himself glancing at her for a bit before placing his hands into his pockets.

"So what? Am I suppose to put my arm around you or somethin?" he said under his breathe, just enough for her to hear hopefully while inching closer, and closer to the entrance. He never did any of this undercover stuff....nor was never in a relationship, real, or fake. He's much more use to just kicking his way through obstacles to get to his goals, not outsmarting them.

Come to think of it, how did she even get her hands on fake invites!?

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Rob you Dry Part 1
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