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 Parahuman's Online; PHO.

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PostSubject: Parahuman's Online; PHO.   Sun May 21, 2017 2:33 am

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♦Topic: The Undersider's Debut(FORMERLY; Tether's new Team)
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Bagrat (Original Poster) (The Guy In The Know) (Veteran Member)
Posted on February 10, 2016:

A New group of Heroes just showed up to take out Cold Front, and a familiar face was leading the charge, Chicago's own Tether was throwing a guy in a suit at the angry icicle, and guys, was it just me or was that Mis Fortune!?
What's she doing with Tether!? She pulling a Face turn??

What are your thoughts?

The current roster seems to be;
Business Casual
and Dream Striker

and they call themselves the Undersider's

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► Lolitup  (Wiki Warrior) (Verified Fangirl)
Replied on February 10, 2016:
Purple Loli doc is on our side now??
Not sure if I should be happy for us or feel bad for the bad guys who meet the business end of her bonesaw.

And Business Casual is baaaeeee

► Valkyr  (Veteran Member)
Replied on February 10, 2016:
Dream Striker and Tether might just be the scariest combo to date, I wonder how long it takes for Kaiser and his boys to turn tail and run?

► Ramus675  (Temp-banned) (Cape Groupie)
Replied on February 10, 2016:

- Mods; Racial slurs and threats are not tolerated, enjoy your Month ban.

► Chilldrizzle  (Verified Cape) (AEGIS Ward)
Replied on February 10, 2016:
Didn't take long for the skinheads to pop in huh?
Well, I for one welcome our new snarky overlords, pop into Seattle sometime, we'll punch Mafioso, it'll be great~!

► DefinitelyNotTether  (Verified Cape) (Undersider's)
Replied on February 10, 2016:
She just got off to a rocky start is all, better late than never at the tea party of Justice!
We're going by the Undersider's, Business Casual was driving the car that hit the racist refrigerator, but hey, maybe next time he won't cut in line to make a withdrawal~!

Find our Yelp and Patreon account; Here, and Here.

EDIT; Yes I'm plugging our Patreon, how else am I gonna afford my dry cleaning!? All white every day? WHAT was I THINKING!?

“The world's full of bad things.
We can fight back, not just physically, but by showing people that it's okay to keep laughing.
It's okay to mock the assholes that keep trying to make the world be worse than it is.
That's how you really take their power away.
We laugh at them because they hate it, because they want to bring us down to their level.
So we don't let that happen.
We show people that all the monsters in the world can't take away humor, fun and hope.”

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Parahuman's Online; PHO.
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